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The Hunter's Gun Cradle is an innovative new tool for the

serious hunter. This product was designed by a hunter,

for hunters. It is completely adjustable to allow for

approximately 360° of ground coverage and virtually any

distance within your shooting range.

The creator of the Hunter's Gun Cradle came up with the

idea for his gun cradle when he began having difficulty holding

his weapon steady to aim at his target as a result of the

symptoms of Parkinson's disease. This invention has

allowed him continue hunting successfully for the past several

years. While he created the cradle because of his symptoms,

it is an excellent tool for any hunter.

Ever missed a shot because the wind threw off your aim?

Ever had a bad case of buck fever? Ever been so cold you

could barely hold your weapon, much less make an

accurate shot? Then the Hunter's Gun Cradle is for you.

The Hunter's Gun Cradle can be used by hunters with

guns or crossbows. Using this product can dramatically

reduce shaking and instability while aiming,especially for

those who have been waiting and holding their weapon

for a long period of time or have been out in the cold all


Using the Hunter's Gun Cradle can also increase overall

safety while hunting by helping to prevent a hunter from

dropping his or her weapon while in a tree stand, decreasing

the possibility of an accidental discharge upon impact.

This product can be converted to a bi-pod for ground use.

It can also be used with one hand, which aids hunters with

disabilities regain the ability to hunt.

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